Home Loans

At Liberty and West, our qualified Financial Strategists will work with you and our affiliated partners to ensure you have the most suitable loan for your individual needs. Whether you are a first home buyer, or an astute property investor, Liberty and West will help you achieve financial success and work with you as your true financial partner to achieve your goals.

Are you a first home buyer?

  • Liberty and West will source through our affiliated partners, the most suitable and affordable home loan for you. Liberty and West will show you strategies to beat the banks and will also assist you with the correct home loan structure to help you pay your home off sooner. These strategies will save you thousands of dollars on interest and bank fees.

Do you need to refinance or consolidate?

  • Liberty and West will help you restructure your home loan to work more effectively for you. If you have multiple debts such as car loans, credit cards, store cards and personal loans, Liberty and West will help you consolidate all your debts into one easy and manageable payment to help you get on top of your finances and move forward with your financial goals, to achieve; ultimate financial freedom.

Are you a seasoned property investor or looking for your first investment property?

  • Liberty and West will show you the most effective home loan structures for your investment needs. With Liberty and West, our qualified financial specialists will show you ways to minimise your expenses on your investment property portfolio, help you maximise your return on investment, and help you through the whole process of investing in property to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Your Financial Specialist will provide you with a complete review of your financial and investment portfolio every year you remain a client of Liberty and West. This will ensure you are on the right path to meet your goals and objectives as well as reviewing your financial structure to achieving maximum results. Liberty and West, looking after YOU!


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